Content in Shakespeare Collection

Shakespearean Criticism (135 volumes, Gale) 	

	Over 4,200 critical essays from Gale's Shakespearean Criticism.  Additional essays from the print not available in full text are represented as citations

Dictionary of Literary Biography Volume 263: Documentary Series: William Shakespeare (Gale) 	

	Single volume organized chronologically of Shakespeare related items.

Twayne's English Authors: William Shakespeare (Twayne) 	

	William Shakespeare: The Tragedies
	William Shakespeare: The Comedies
	William Shakespeare: The Romances
	William Shakespeare: Sonnets and Poems
	William Shakespeare: The Problem Plays
	William Shakespeare: The History Plays

William Shakespeare: His World, His Work, His Influence (Scribners) 	

	3 volume reference set

Encyclopedia of the Renaissance (Scribners) 	

	6 volume reference set

Additional Biographies on Shakespeare's Contemporaries and Actors and Directors 	

	Over 398 biographies on Shakespearean Actors and Directors and over 100 biographies on Shakespeare's Contemporaries.

Prompt Books	

	Over 200 Prompt Books, Actors' copies of works with stage directions and notes

Historical Editions	

	The First Folio
	Quarto list 
	Historical Editions 

Gordon Crosse Diaries	

	A record of 500+ plays spanning over 60 years